Madonna and Child, life size, unfinished, carved in the Michelangelo Quarry, Carrara, Italy.

Carving a Marble Pieta,  2 Minute Video, 282,000 views -

 1.3 Minute Video, Carving Marble Philomena-

Carving a Marble Face, 5 Minute Video -


Lecture, - LOOKING OVER MICHELANGELO’S SHOULDER AS HE CARVES MARBLE copyright 2018,Cornelius Sullivan.



Angel of the Mountain, Carrara marble, 2011, Private Collection Kennebunkport, ME.


Emerging Figure, Carrara Marble.

Pieta 1, marble.


Rachel, Marble with oil paint.


Kathleen, Drawing for Marble, pencil, 9x12"

The Artist's Daughter, Kathleen, marble, 12" x 12", 1984.



Pieta, Carrara Marble, life size, 2006-2017.